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In-between Fire is a short film about a wealthy and beautiful garden that takes a turn into a dystopian nightmare. Inspired by environmentalism, particularly human impact in rainforest fire destructions. I used early depictions from botanical paintings Paradiesgärtleina, to form characters for a supposed paradise garden. A nameless character bites a strange fruit to transition into the apocalypse. They can be seen as hungry, curious and claustrophobic. It takes the garden into an episode of Dante Divine comedy level gluttony. Grit and mud rain from skies and creatures follow. The film would be displayed as a looped narrative. 


Miniature set, directed, edited and costume  - Kiera Saunders

Sound -  Cuzino

Actors –  Kiera Saunders, Maddy wood, Gemma Smith, Olivia Byass Smithies, Natalie Godj, Domi Ucar, Lorenzo Robertson, Jack Whitelock, Maike Venzlaff Ruiz and Hannah Draper

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